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Hello DrupalGap Community,

DrupalGap turned 3 years old in January, and has been partying hard ever since. We are now running on over 1,100 Drupal websites and continue to see growth. Thank you for your continued interest in DrupalGap, and for being a part of the community. Here is the latest news, enjoy!

DrupalGap @ DrupalCon Los Angeles 2015?

If you'd like to see a session on DrupalGap for this year's DrupalCon in Los Angeles, please show your support by commenting here:


We're also hoping to present on a Headless Drupal, and briefly demonstrate DrupalGap's abilities in Drupal 8:


If one (or both) of those sessions sounds interesting to you, please show your support.

New Releases

With the latest version of the DrupalGap module, it now comes packed with these great features in the Drupal UI:

  • One click installer (install the SDK with one click)
  • Install modules (through point-n-click)
  • App downloader (easily package up your app for deployment)

Bug Fixes

Be sure to follow the upgrade guide for the latest features and bug fixes.

New Contrib Modules

Contrib Module Updates

New Documentation

New Code Contributors

Views Datasource (recommended release)

The brand spanking new (long awaited) recommended release of the Views Datasource module has been released. The module has changed the way it outputs an image field's JSON. A common use case is to get some image field URLs from a View JSON and display them the images. If you've done that in the past, you'll have to update your app's code to render a Views JSON row with the new syntax:

Old Way

function my_module_views_json_row(row) {
  return theme('image', { path: row.field_image });

New Way

function my_module_views_json_row(row) {
  return theme('image', { path: row.field_image.src });

How to Get Involved

Have an idea about how DrupalGap can be improved? Spotted a bug? Squashed a bug?

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Thanks, and happy coding!