Update #6

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Hello DrupalGap Community,

Here is issue #6 of the DrupalGap Update newsletter.

New Releases

  • SDK (7.x-1.1)
  • Drupal Module (7.x-1.12)

Be sure to follow the upgrade guide for the latest features and bug fixes.

DrupalGap at DrupalCon Los Angeles 2015

Unfortunately we weren't able to snag a presentation slot this year, but DrupalGap is in L.A. this week! If you'd like to meet up and chat about Drupal/DrupalGap, let me know - @FrankensteinTJ (via Twitter).

New DrupalGap Association Member

New DrupalGap Donor

New DrupalGap Contributors

  • vjsamuel (HTML5 Audio and Video Element Support)
  • ptmkenny (added terminal commands to Publish Android app)
  • clivesj (a bug fix in drupalgap.module)
  • coolman7 (sparked the t() initiative and added Turkish translations)
  • kinmenRP (added Italian translations)
  • Zonzio (added Dutch translations)

New Core Features & Improvements

Core Bug Fixes

New Contrib Module

Contrib Module Updates

New Documentation

How to Get Involved

Have an idea about how DrupalGap can be improved? Spotted a bug? Squashed a bug?

Need Help?

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Thanks, and happy coding!