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Hello DrupalGap Community,

Here is issue #7 of the DrupalGap Update newsletter. It's been a long time since our last newsletter issue, and I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and staying away from computers as much as possible. DrupalGap and jDrupal continue to make great progress and improvements. Here's a brief summary of where we are at these days, enjoy!

New Releases (2016-08-15)

  • SDK (7.0.2)
  • Drupal Module (7.x-1.16)
  • jDrupal (7.0.5)

Be sure to follow the upgrade guide for the latest features and bug fixes.

Code Contributors

A special thanks to the folks who have contributed code to the latest release:

New Core Fixes & Improvements

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  • Don't overwrite existing attribute values for form element items. 3c800a4
  • Remove un-necessary variables and directly return string instead. 6c24ff8
  • Add video resource to docs. d9219a2
  • Clear up sentence in docs. 7f8dcea
  • Add page arguments docs. 0b1b974
  • Change drupalgap_render_page() to allow an incoming render array. d4df9ce
  • Add 'access' property to render array. 5b92b2a
  • Add hook_entity_pre_render_content(). Pay attention to 'access' prope 93c9386
  • Add hook_entity_pre_render_content(). b316f0d
  • Invoke pre post entity build content and look for pre set weights. f752b4e
  • Add hook_entity_pre_build_content() and hook_entity_post_build_conten 0693135
  • #779. Look for view mode configuration when rendering entity fields. 87e0ea7
  • #779. Update Display Modes docs. 2cb2642
  • Add drupalgap_render(). 12f29a7
  • Rip drupalgap_render() implementation out of drupalgap_render_page(). b9d5901
  • #784. #785. Add drupalgap_has_connection(), hook_device_connection()  b3903f2
  • #784. #785. Add examples for hook_device_connection() and hook_device 47e2e7f
  • Fix #786. Abstract out the node view inject and check for success and e139838
  • Pass the form to the form state assemble hook. 8ee67df
  • Add some code comment todos. 4228839
  • Fix drupalgap_render() to not overwrite html variable. b1748ec
  • Prevent alert on user resources unless on core pages. Translate form  f070fa6
  • Update api.js 035614b
  • Fix #790. Use j iterator instead of i when loading locales. f0a3334
  • Remove redundant variables and just return. 8c1ff89
  • Fix #791. Set attribute value on text fields with item values. 658b09c
  • Fix #358. Add entity type and bundle css class names to page container. 1b550c0
  • Fix #792. Fix #794. Allow exclusion of exposed filters. Remove empty  b7f2fee
  • #792. Add docs for disabling exposed filters. 747f7fa
  • Update docs links for all hooks. 7673955
  • #797. Properly continue instead of break during image upload. ba801b0
  • #680. Fix drupalgap_remove_pages_from_dom(), thanks to @Digeridoo. 926a00a
  • Update android release docs. 0074c62
  • Fix Comment Form Disappearing on Cached Nodes  1e48857
  • #805 Allow form.action upon user login submit. a54d5a0
  • Remove old warning about toast bug. 8c32b28
  • Fix css path to message box icons. 110806d
  • #806 Allow form.action on user registration form submit. 40ebafd
  • Fix #807. Use drupalgap_render() with Views empty_callback fc4868d
  • #807. Update empty_callback docs f7a7df9
  • Fix #810 Change category to cid on contact form 18890f9
  • #810 Change more instances of category to cid on contact form fdf272b
  • Update binaries. ba513a1
  • add some Chinese words  60776b8
  • Update makefile 3bd7eea
  • Add troubleshoot for sdk zip. 039f398
  • Add entity caching settings to performance page. f17b484
  • Update jQM includes on design theme page. d7b755c
  • Update maps inclusion source in docs. 05f2c87
  • Update android publishing docs. 368322b
  • Warn about sym links with iOS publication. 5a158f2
  • Add warning to icon generator. f6b4fcc
  • Add warning about symlinks with iOS publication. fc68ab5
  • Add entity rendering docs. beab1ae
  • Set form element attribute value to item value when attribute value i a6f4c6d
  • #821 by @cydgit. Use string value of user_register var in user_regist 7de85fe
  • scroll to newly inserted/rendered comment f80c5a7
  • Merge pull request #835 from luxio/7.x-1.x-issue-834  7573434
  • Fix #480 Allow custom attributes and widget content for list items. 76853b3
  • Do not capitalize first letter in username on login form. 2176d1d
  • Fix #837 Preserve current page inline style during page clean up. 91acadf

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