flag module for drupalgap

Drupal Core: 

  • 7.x


The Flag module for DrupalGap.


Download and enable the Flag Service module on your Drupal site:

  • https://drupal.org/project/flag_service

Enable the DrupalGap Flag module on your Drupal site. This is a sub module included with the DrupalGap module:

  • https://drupal.org/project/drupalgap

On your drupal site, navigate to admin/structure/services/list/drupalgap/resources then enable the 3 resources under the 'flag' service.

Add this module to your settings.js file in DrupalGap:

Drupal.modules.contrib['flag'] = {};


drupalgap.settings.flag = {

  // Configure the data theme to use when an entity is flagged or unflagged.
  data_theme_flagged: 'a',
  data_theme_unflagged: 'b'


The flag module for DrupalGap will automatically prepend a flag button to an entity's content when the entity is being viewed.

Views Render Array Row Quick Links for Flags

If you'd like to provide flags next to some list items from a Views Render, set up your Views JSON to return something like this:

  "nodes" : [
      "node" : {
        "title" : "Foo",
        "nid" : "123",
        "flagged" : "0"
      "node" : {
        "title" : "Bar",
        "nid" : "456",
        "flagged" : "1"

Then build your page_callback for your page that will display the render array to return something like this:

var content = {};
content['my_articles_list'] = {
  theme: 'view',
  format: 'ul',
  format_attributes: {
    'data-split-icon': 'star' /* the icon to use for the flag button */
  path: 'articles', /* the path to the view in Drupal */
  row_callback: 'my_module_articles_list_row',
  empty_callback: 'my_module_articles_list_empty',
  attributes: {
    id: 'my_articles_list_view'
return content;

Then build your row_callback for your render array to return something like this:

return l(row.title, 'node/' + row.nid) +
    'favorite', // The flag's machine name.
    'node', // The entity type.
    row.nid, // The entity id.
    parseInt(row.flagged) ? true : false // The current flag status.

Display Flag Count on a Node Page

  • http://pastebin.com/1r602H6A