No 'site_path'

A DrupalGap module to permit the run-time modification of the URL of the Drupal site to which the app connects.

Drupal Core: 

  • 7.x

No 'site_path'

A DupalGap module.

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In your settings.js file specify where nositepath should redirect when in offline mode. The default is "nositepath".

drupalgap.settings.nositepath = {
  offline_redirect: "nositepath"

If you would like to have a link to the connection form then add the following snippet to the list of links defined as part of drupalgap.settings.menus['main_menu'] in your settings.js file:

  title: 'Connection',
  path: 'nositepath',
  options: {
    attributes: {'data-icon': 'gear'}