Views Infinite Scroll

The Views Infinite Scroll module for DrupalGap.

Drupal Core: 

  • 7.x


The Views Infinite Scroll module for DrupalGap.

Installation Steps

  1. Download and place module in app folder.
  2. Add Drupal.modules.contrib['views_infinite_scroll'] = {}; to your settings.js file.
  3. Add the function below to your settings.js file to enable views infinite scroll on your speciifc pages.


// Views infinite scroll settings.
drupalgap.settings.views_infinite_scroll = {

  // Specify which pages in the app to activate infinite scroll on.
  pages: {

    // My example page.
    'hello-world': {
      pages_allowed: 3 // max # of Views results pages before trimming

    // My articles page with argument.
    'articles/%': {

      // Max # of Views results pages allowed in the page's DOM before trimming
      pages_allowed: 2,

      // Hides the page title after scrolling down the number of allowed pages,
      // the title is then restored when scrolling back to the top. If the
      // "title" block is in your theme's header region, this may cause issues
      // with infinite scrolling, use with caution.
      hide_title: true



WARNING, the pages_allowed value must be greater than or equal to 2.



Invoked right before the page changes.

 * Implements hook_views_infinite_scroll_page_changing().
function hook_views_infinite_scroll_page_changing(current_page, next_page, new_path, direction, last_direction) {
  // Do stuff...


Invoked after the page has changed and the content has been rendered.

 * Implements hook_views_infinite_scroll_page_changed().
function hook_views_infinite_scroll_page_changed(last_page, current_page, new_path, direction, last_direction) {
  // Do stuff...